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beroemd Lesser Spotted Britain (Hardcover) by Greyer Dominic mzQCGD9S

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Photographer Dominic Greyer has spent the last twenty years roaming the British landscape in search of the country's most unusual placenames. He has an eye for quirky rude and downright ridiculous name signs and has photographed them all. But this is not merely a book of silly placenames - Dominic's exquisite atmospheric photography featuring the landscapes in which the signs sit makes the images really special and this book into a beautiful gift package. Placenames include the famous Twice Brewed (Northumberland) Fryup (North Yorkshire) Long Length (Kent) and Camptown (Borders). There will be a few rude street names too (Lady Gardens Great Gays Bell End and Giant's Ring for example). The author runs a successful gift business featuring his photography on mugs coasters placemats fridge magnets ...anything you'd want to see a photograph of a funny signpost on really. This book makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves the quirky side of the country.