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Zeer comfortabel Lizzie Siddal by Hawksley Lucinda Dickens DJOmoESh

  • Model: DJOmoESh
  • 1632 aantal op voorraad


In winkelwagentje:

Saved from the drudgery of a working-class existence by a young Pre-Raphaelite artist Lizzie Siddal rose to become one of the most famous faces in Victorian Britain and a pivotal figure of London's artistic world until tragically ending her young life in a laudanum-soaked suicide in 1862. In the twenty-first century even those who do not know her name always recognise her face: she is Millais' doomed Ophelia and Rossetti's beatified Beatrice. With many parallels in the modern-day world of art and fashion this biography takes Lizzie from the background of Dante Rossetti's life and finally brings her to the forefront of her own.