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Beste verkoop A Theory of Character in New Testament Narrative (Paperback) by Bennema Cornelis vqX6CqQN

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Cornelis Bennema presents a new theory of characterization in the New Testament literature. Although character has been the subject of focused literary-critical study of the New Testament (and a point of connection with 'character ethics') since the 1970s Cornelis Bennema observes that there is still no consensus regarding how characterization should be understood in contemporary literary theory or in biblical studies. Many New Testament scholars seem to presume that characters in Greco-Roman literature are two-dimensional 'Aristotelian' figures unlike the well-rounded psychologized individuals who appear in modern fiction. They continue nevertheless to apply contemporary literary theory to characters in ancient writings. Bennema here offers a full comprehensive and non-reductionist theory for the analysis classification and evaluation of characters in the New Testament.